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All Boards 5 inches


All of our boards and paddles are handmade with care.

The Born in the USA Collections feature Fusion Blown EPS Foam that creates strength and durability with less board weight, FCS one way air vents, FCS handles, FCS deckpads, a matte finish and a carbon fiber stringer for maximum strength while adding flex to the board.

The core of each board is constructed with sturdy 24 oz. foam. Each board is hand shaped and goes through quality control checkpoints. The boards are finished off with three 6 oz layers of premium cloth and glassing on the deck and 2 layers on the bottom. The foot pads and fin boxes are reinforced with extra glassing.

The deckpads are adhered to the board with 3M glue for a secure hold.

FCS fins are used with the configuration varied based on the chosen board.

Most boards have a Sure Grip Handle which allows the board carrier’s fingers to curl around the handle reducing finger fatigue. The carrier can pick up the board with one hand from the flat ground and allows for a secure grip when coming out of the water.

For an exact description of each board visit each product’s page.

The H2O Generation offers a one year guarantee for manufacturer defects.