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All Boards 5 inches


Shaka with Flag


Being from a surfing community (Rockaway Beach in Queens, New York) we wanted to pay homage to surfing pioneers from the 1950’s and 60’s who paved the way for stand up paddling. Our retro products will bring you back to Southern California, where long, lazy summer days with great friends dominated the era. They will bring you back to bonfires on the beach under the stars. Back to the days when you wore flip flops and shorts in December. And back to the days when you didn’t have a care in the world, your biggest problem being what you were going to do on Saturday night.

Our Born in the USA -Gen H2O products represent different regions within the US. As opposed to the surf scene in California in the 1960’s, the Wake Surfers from the Gen H2O line is reminiscent of the urban Rockaway Beach surf scene. Graffiti art and sic graphics are introduced in these exciting, fast and gritty products. The Gen H2O Touring Boards remind riders of the forests of the Northern states. The Crossfire Surfers pay tribute to the Made in America fabrics of the 1960′s and the Bamboo Surfer pays tribute to the guys and gals that are growing bamboo domestically in Mississippi.